The Book

This is the story of Donna, a patient with Stage III breast cancer who chose treatment using complementary and alternative methods over conventional medical therapy. She is currently seventeen years post diagnosis with no evidence of tumor.

The initial part entitled “The Journey Begins” summarizes the author’s thoughts in lay terms and also gives an idea of his experience with Donna and others during his career.

The next part of this book presents Donna’s story in her own words. Not only does this show her progress as she tries various alternative methods, but it also displays the psychosocial aspects as she fights for her life. This is a portrayal of her private life with which many can identify.

This personal story is then followed by the author’s doctoral dissertation which serves as a medical case study. The original purpose of the dissertation attempted to identify the effectiveness of the various methods used by Donna. A commentary about use of conventional and alternative methods in cancer and overall health is also included.

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